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Thread: Amarok Pricing & Buying Advice

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    Quote Originally Posted by grechy99 View Post
    Hi all. I have been searching online for 4wd / 4wd utes and after months of research i think the Amarok is the vehicle for me. I was almost going ahead with the Jeep GC but with my 2 dogs, I believe the 4wd ute is my best option. I was considering an 14 Colorado but all signs point me to the Amarok.

    That all been said I am yet to test drive a Amarok so this will need to be done first.

    Now my question is, I have found a 2013 Highline Perm with canopy and full leathers, dealership car. Only query I have is the car has done 145ks and was wondering if I should consider the high amount of Ks with the purchase of this vehicle. ? Or are these kind of Ks fine and as some people say "still working in"

    The car is priced at $29650. I am interstate from the car which makes it a little difficult to test drive also. Do you think the price is right or we can come down a bit? Is an extended warranty advisable for the Amarok? Any advice or recommendations to owning an Amarok would be appreciated as I am yet to own a 4wd ute ever. Thanks
    I would suggest that there is considerable amount of room to move on that price. I bought my My14 with similar extras plus ARB bullbar and ute liner with 70k km for $32000 last year (private sale).
    Looking on carsales, good priced private Amaroks come up every now and again... more so now with the V6 coming out and people upgrading.

    Regarding the kms, I always think the lower the better, no matter what the car but it depends on the money you have to spend.
    I have heard of an Amarok with 500,000+ kms so if it is looked after and serviced, it shouldn't be too many.

    Just my thoughts.

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    Just picked up my new 2wd poverty pack Amarok on Friday.
    2018 model
    Brand new (20kms on odometer)
    with factory towbar
    .. and with absolutely nothing else
    $35,500 drive away with business rego
    Australias cheapest new Rok?

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    Just Laid down a deposit for a Black highline with front tint, mats, tub liner, black bars and steps and fuel of course with my 9k VW golf trade in for $48500 change over - Had to pay extra to get the bars and side steps changed over prior to delivery but don't mind.

    Currently its sitting at the wharf so hopefully I'm in it by end of month

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