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    Hi Guys & Girls

    Wolf 4x4 have secured the Australian distribution rights for the Securi-Lid product range from South Africa. Stock arriving in 6 weeks.

    For now the two main products we will focus on bringing in, is the Securi-Lid and the Securi-Slide

    The Securi-Lid is priced at RRP $2195 + $225 for sports bar adaptors + fit. (Canyon coming soon)

    The Securi-Slide is priced at RRP $1595 fit.

    What sets the Securi-Lid apart from its competitors?

    1. Most competitor products utilize a lock in the latch, whilst it is simple it is also flawed (ie, if the latch fails, the lock can no longer function). Securi-Lid utilize separate latch and lock mechanisms as a fail safe.
    2. The latch is cam based, similar to a car door latch, which offers a much stronger grip than utilizing locking pins.
    3. Securi-Lid locks to the tailgate, offering full security. This can be further refined by adding the optional PowerLock which will lock the tailgate via central locking.
    4. Securi-Lid uses interlocking full aluminium extruded slats for the entire cover, and only make one model. Therefore are able to offer this at a lower price point than brands offering two options (ie. Roll n Lock or Retrax)
    5. Securi-Lid has FOUR drainage points. Two through the canister and out drainage tubes, and two at the ends of the flange. So there is a drainage point at all four tub corners.
    6. The lid is slightly raised off the tub, this claws back some valuable storage height, particularly with running a fridge under the lid.

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